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Medical Malpractice

If you or a loved one has been injured, you are probably at a loss as to where to start. Any injury can impair and dramatically impact you and your family on many levels. Between medical bills, medications, physical pain, fear for the future, possible lost wages, and emotional trauma and anguish, you probably feel overwhelmed and scared.

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Birth Injury/Medical Malpractice

Birth Injury and medical malpracticeOne of the most devastating types of injuries is to a baby. Whether the injury occurred during labor or delivery, if the doctor, hospital and/or the staff was negligent, then you may have a claim against them. Even if the child is older and now exhibits symptoms of a brain injury, it might be a result of a negligent delivery. Some disorders and medical conditions may be a result of a lack of oxygen to the baby’s brain as a result of an untimely c-section or no c-section when it was necessary.

Many people believe that they are not supposed to sue their doctors, even if they were negligently injured by their doctor. That is a fallacy. There is a standard of care from which doctors must not deviate. Doctors and hospitals are obligated to protect, treat and heal, not injure. Ms. Widman does not accept sub-standard medical care and she is prepared to do whatever it takes within the bounds of the law to fight hard to have you and your child compensated for your loss, no matter who the adversary is.

If you believe your doctor injured your baby during birth or if you feel that the utilization of other medical interventions may have prevented your child’s injuries and/or lifelong disabilities, then you have a right to investigate. You are allowed to go to attorney and have her inspect the medical records and notes to see if your doctor, nurse or hospital was negligent.

Medical Malpractice

Medical MalpracticeClaims against medical providers, such as; doctors, nurses, hospitals, and/or technicians, arise when a provider breaches their duty to treat their patients with the proper care. New Jersey has a particular standard of care with which medical providers must comply. If the doctor, nurse or hospital deviated from that standard of care, and you were injured as a result of that breach, then you may have a claim against them.

Injuries that constitute a cause of action can occur as a result of health care provides not treating a patient properly under the medical standard of care, or if the medical providers missed the ability to treat the patient in a timely manner, such as failing to diagnose an illness or injury.

Another element of a medical malpractice case is damages. If the failure to diagnose or treat your illness injured you, or if the treatment you received is the cause of your injury, and you have an actual injury, then you may have a claim.

These cases require a detailed investigation and analysis of the medical records and other surrounding facts. Widman Law Firm is dedicated to thoroughly examining the medical records in order to ascertain if there is a medical malpractice negligence claim.

***Co-counsel may be used depending on the nature of the injury***