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Areas of Practice

Medical Malpractice

If you or a loved one has been injured, you are probably at a loss as to where to start. Any injury can impair and dramatically impact you and your family on many levels. Between medical bills, medications, physical pain, fear for the future, possible lost wages, and emotional trauma and anguish, you probably feel

Vaccine Injuries

While it is well-known that vaccines have eradicated devastating illnesses and diseases in our country, it does not discount the injuries that are occasionally caused by receiving the vaccines. Millions of people of all ages are advised to get vaccinated from birth into late adulthood. Most babies receive the Hepatitis B shot within hours of birth, which begins the schedule of many subsequent vaccines recommended by the CDC within the first few years of life. Likewise, from ages six months into late adulthood, the public is encouraged to receive the flu vaccine every year.

Vaccines and Autism

The Vaccine-Autism debate has been ongoing for many years. In the past, the Vaccine Court paid two victims of vaccine-induced encephalopathy that was said to cause Autism Spectrum Disorder (“ASD”) in children.
Recently, two more cases settled under the same premise. Millions of dollars were paid to a ten-year old boy and a girl, both of whom developed ASD as a result of encephalopathy that ensued after receiving particular Vaccines listed on the Vaccine Injury Table.


Phyllis Widman is a Rule 1:40 Court Appointed Mediator. She received specific training to become a mediator and mediates cases in several counties in the state. Mediation is one type of Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”), which provides a forum for parties to handle disputes without the intervention of the court and, at times, without attorneys.